400 Ton WP-Series Cooling Towers In Stock

Cooling Tower: Model WP1850-400

Cooling Tower: Model 4-WP1850-400
Tower Specifications
Cell Configuration: 4ea. 100ton cells
Nominal tonnage: 400ton / 1760KW
Fan motor: 4ea. 5hp 1150rpm, TEFC
Nominal Air Flow: 82,000 CFM
Flow: 1200gpm
Entering Water Temp: 95F / 35C
Leaving Water Temp: 85F / 29.4C
Wet Bulb: 78F/25.5C
Tower basin volume: 4ea. 224gallons
Dimensions: 4ea cells 72″x 72″ x 122″
Unit Weight: 4ea cells x 1186 lbs


Package includes: 
400 ton 4-WP1850-400 multi-cell cooling tower
FRP composite material with slip-fit design
Accu-Pac fill pack
Accu-Pac drift eliminator
Cellular inlet louvers
Sk80 PVC manifold with one dek spray nozzle
4″ sk80 PVC inlet flanges
Side or bottom outlet drain depending on your requirements
Steel Tower platforms: 4ea. Dim 72″x72″ with fork slots
3phase 208-230 or 460v 1/2HP fan motor (other voltages available)

Optional items:
Fan temperature control package
Remote control panel
Pump tank configurations
Heat exchangers/closed loop systems
Custom frames

Standard Feature Details


Construction material details:

Non-corrosive FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) marine grade resinsSurface layer containing pigmented gel coat
Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor included as an additive to the composite matrix.

Accu-Pak cross fluted fill pack:

Improves water distribution by splitting water stream 8 times in a 12” vertical path as it descends through the fill pack
Constructed entirely of CTI (Cooling Tower Institute) Standard 136 PVC

Accu-Pac counterflow cellular drift eliminators

High surface area provides maximum performance at minimum pressure drop
Constructed entirely of CTI (Cooling Tower Institute) Standard 136 PVC

Cellular Inlet Louvers installed:

Improve air flow into cooling tower
Prevent debris from entering
Eliminate water splash-out that can cause icing, water treatment chemical loss
Restricts amount of sunlight into cooling tower impeding algae growth
Reduce noise from tower
Improve tower’s appearance
Constructed entirely of CTI (Cooling Tower Institute) Standard 136 PVC

Lightweight ABS plastic non-clogging Dek-Spray nozzles
serviceable at temperatures up to 180F/82C
Results in less system weight & piping cost

Side or bottom outlet drain

Location and size of outlet fitting determined according to your requirements

Other Features

1-1/2″ Schedule 80 distribution header
1-1/2″ PVC inlet flange
½” automatic water makeup

Stainless steel hardware
Glossy white color

Optional Item Details:


Tower platform: Dim 32″x32″ with fork slots
4″ C-Channel
Sheered sheet metal cover with cut-out for tower drain
Painted with gray Macropoxy 646 Fast Cure Epoxy (high solids, high build, polyamide epoxy designed to protect steel and concrete in industrial exposures)Basic field assembled tower stand elevates tower 4-10′Fan Temperature Control PackageRemote Panel with digital readoutPump tank configurations, filtration, heat transfer systems etc.

Tower Layout